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Sleeping Gel Mask

Sleeping Gel Mask

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Professional Design: The Sleeping Gel Mask draws inspiration from cute animals and showcases a playful cartoon design that is universally appealing. It adds an element of amusement to your bedtime routine and is ideal for sleepovers and pajama parties.

Expert-designed for optimal comfort, this animal-shaped sleep mask is made with high-quality fabric to ensure a peaceful night's sleep. Its superior design effectively blocks out light, allowing you to nap comfortably whenever and wherever needed.

Effectively alleviate eye pain with the internal ice pack. The cooling properties provide relief from burning sensations and relaxation for surrounding muscles.

The elastic band on the back of this sleeping mask for women allows for effortless adjustment to fit any head shape without causing discomfort. Its design ensures complete coverage for the eyes, preventing slipping during use.

The adjustable elastic cord on the back of the eye mask offers a comfortable fit for most individuals. Its lightweight design also allows for easy storage in pockets without taking up excess space.

This multi-functional sleep mask is suitable for various settings such as your home, office, or while travelling. It effectively blocks light in any location, providing relief from fatigue.

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