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Camouflage Kinesiologia

Camouflage Kinesiologia

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Strengthen Your Performance: The 5M Camouflage Kinesiology Tape is engineered to mimic the natural elasticity of human skin, resulting in microscopic lifting that enhances blood and lymphatic circulation. When applied correctly, it can support the affected area, reduce inflammation, and promote faster recovery and improved performance by increasing blood flow.

Muscle Support: The physio tape is highly elastic and can stretch up to 50/ of its original length without losing its elasticity. K-Tape is equipped with different degrees of stretch and can support injured muscles and joints while allowing safe and painless freedom of movement. Athletes can continue to train and compete while recovering from mild to moderate injuries.

Water Proof:This tape is made of moisture-wicking fabric and can be used in the shower or during water activities. It features a latex-free adhesive that is applied in a wavy pattern to the back of the tape, promoting quick drying of the cotton fabric and efficient draining of moisture from the tape area.

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