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4pcs Fashion Make up Blender

4pcs Fashion Make up Blender

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HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: The set of makeup sponges is crafted from non-latex, multicolor materials that are both gentle and highly flexible. Additionally, the sponges are easy to distinguish and provide a soft, even application for a stunning makeup look.

SMART BUYER’S CHOICE: This makeup blender stands out from others as it does not absorb product, which helps save money and prevent waste. Its rounded side is perfect for blending larger areas of the face, while the tip can conceal imperfections and the flat edge is ideal for contouring around the eyes and nose.

MULTI-FUNCTION USE: The wet and dry sponge can be used for different purposes - when wet, it expands for a more even application, while the dry type is perfect for base cream, BB cream, liquid foundation, and concealer. This latex-free sponge guarantees a soft and elastic touch, ensuring a flawless and elegant makeup look. We advise cleaning and drying it in a well-ventilated area after each use to maintain its elasticity.

SPONGE BLENDER SETWhether you are a skilled makeup artist or just starting out, these versatile cosmetic sponges can effortlessly blend into your daily routine. Simple to maintain and reusable, these sponges are a practical addition to any beauty tool collection.

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